Historic Real Estate Financing on Main Street

Recently, Main Street America (MSA) had an opportunity to speak with Corey Leon, Field Director of the Central Team at the National Development Council, trainer for the Historic Real Estate Finance Certification series and an expert on real estate financing to discuss how the pandemic has influenced real estate development deals and how Main Street can help position real estate projects for success in the future. Expanding on these topics, Leon touched upon downtown development trends, how to successfully pitch Main Street real estate projects to funders and the challenges and opportunities for historic real estate financing on Main Street.

The following questions were posed to Cory Leon, and you can view his responses and insights here:

  • How has the pandemic impacted historic real estate financing?
  • What are some opportunities that COVID-19 has presented?
  • How can Main Street programs help position real estate projects for success?
  • What trends do you anticipate in historic real estate financing projects on Main Street, especially residential?
  • What trends are you seeing when it comes to lenders?
  • What can Main Street programs expect out of the Historic Real Estate Finance course with it being online this year?

The Main Street America Institute, with the generous support of The 1772 Foundation, is incredibly pleased to offer the National Development Council’s Historic Real Estate Finance Certification series to Main Street professionals who are interested in deepening their knowledge of and participation in real estate development transactions, particularly in the utilization of Historic Tax Credits. Part 1 of the Historic Real Estate Finance Training will take place June 14 – 18, and you can click here to learn more and register!

Image Credit: Main Street America