New Program to Help Educate Culpeper Youth on Benefits of Eating Healthy, Locally Grown Food

With support from the Culpeper Wellness Foundation, the Culpeper Downtown Farmers Market, a one-stop shop for local agriculture and horticulture items, has launched the Youth Nutrition Education and Fresh Farm Dollars for Kids Program to promote the health benefits of locally produced agricultural products, educate youth through virtual seasonal nutrition classes, highlight local producers and assist in making locally produced foods more affordable and accessible.

In partnership with other area services and organizations, the program will feature the “I’m SOW Healthy” initiative for area children, which includes Fresh Farm Dollars ($5) for kids to purchase their own products from the market, nutrition education information related to farm products, access to an exciting virtual demonstration to prepare a healthy seasonal snack with products purchased with Farm Fresh Dollars and an interactive “getting to know your farmer” bingo card! This new program represents a great opportunity to further youth involvement in the local food movement through a fun and interactive manner, while also creating a friendly market environment that brings local growers and residents together downtown to enjoy quality products.

Apart from empowering children to make healthy choices and support farmers, the Culpeper Downtown Farmers Market will provide an opportunity to allow SNAP recipients to stretch their food dollars through a bonus program. Through Culpeper Downtown Renaissance (CRI) fundraising efforts, SNAP participants can double their money when they purchase tokens at the market, up to 25 bonus tokens per visit. If someone swipes their EBT card for $12 tokens, they’ll receive $24 worth of tokens to use at the market.

“Youth education and shopping empowerment, along with SNAP expansion at the market, will greatly benefit the families of Culpeper in providing these healthy local products.” – Tish Smyth, Board President, CRI

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Image Credit (Free Kids Activity): Culpeper Renaissance, Inc.

Image Credit (Bottom Farmers Market Photos): Culpeper Downtown Farmers Market