Upcoming Community Revitalization Grant Deadlines

Annually, communities and stakeholders across Virginia have the ability to take advantage of various funding opportunities to support downtown revitalization, bolster job creation and private investment, achieve homeownership goals and more! The Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development‘s (DHCD) Community Revitalization Office (CRO) encourages potential applicants to be mindful of upcoming grant deadlines, explore the application process and learn more about DHCD grant programs that positively impact community revitalization efforts across Virginia!

Community Business Launch (CBL) | Deadline to Apply: July 16, 2021

The CBL program is a place-based, entrepreneurial development strategy that fills a critical mass of vacant storefronts with expansion or start-up ventures. Local CBL programs train participants about business planning practices, culminating in a group of finalists receiving grant funding and support services from the community to kick-start their new venture. The CBL gives rise to many entrepreneurs that have been prepared through the CBL grant to create or expand successful businesses. Most notably, a CBL program is a key building block in a coordinated, comprehensive, and sustainable entrepreneurial eco-system of community-based entrepreneurs and small businesses at all stages of life.

Industrial Revitalization Fund (IRF) | Deadline to Apply: July 30, 2021

The IRF program leverages local and private resources to achieve market-driven redevelopment of vacant and deteriorated industrial and commercial properties. The program is targeted toward vacant non-residential structures whose poor condition creates physical and economic blight to the surrounding area in which the structure is located. Eligible properties include those formerly used for manufacturing, warehousing, mining, as well as large-scale white elephant structures, such as department stores, theaters, hotels, shopping centers and other applicable examples. It’s important to note that structures whose proposed end use will be solely residential are not eligible for funding.

Virginia Statewide Business District Resurgence Grant | Deadline to Apply: July 30, 2021

The Virginia Statewide Business District Resurgence Grant fund seeks to advance and accelerate the post-pandemic recovery of Virginia’s business and commercial districts. Specifically, these funds will support historically economically disadvantaged communities and other business districts that have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. Through expanding organizational and business support grants, funding is envisioned to provide a more inclusive framework for community-driven, comprehensive revitalization and vitality, as well as help small businesses, entrepreneurs and localities across Virginia become more resilient as they move through recovery.

Questions? Email cro@dhcd.virginia.gov for more information!