Three Advancing Virginia Main Street Communities Named FY2022 Financial Feasibility Grant Recipients

Excitingly, three Advancing Virginia Main Street (AVMS) communities were awarded Financial Feasibility Grants (FFG), totaling $75,000, to identify the highest and best use of targeted properties within the locality’s commercial district and formulate any plans or studies that will allow property owners to redevelop their property or allow the local Main Street organization to “shop” the rehabilitation and reuse of said property to private developers and investors.

The following AVMS communities will receive FFG funding:

Town of Marion | Marion Downtown Revitalization Association, Inc. (MDRA) | $25,000

MDRA will identify the highest and best use of a 14,080 square foot vacant building located at the apex of one of the busiest intersections in downtown Marion. The long-standing “white elephant” has the potential to be rehabilitated, creating valuable upper-story housing / living space and several commercial storefronts that bolster the community’s efforts to return vibrancy and continuity to the downtown area.

Town of Orange | Orange Downtown Alliance (ODA) | $25,000

Reimagining the former Earl’s Glass Shop, ODA received funding to help identify the highest and best use of the vacant property located at the southwest corner of Orange’s local Main Street district. ODA believes the building could potentially support artisans and/or craftspersons that are looking to enter the marketplace, as well as small-scale manufacturing. Whatever the specific outcome, local changemakers view the property as a means to stimulate growth and promote a healthy, prosperous community!

Town of Tappahannock | Tappahannock Main Street (TMS) | $25,000

Currently, the DAW Theater sits vacant in Tappahannock’s historic commercial district, longing for rehabilitation. Working to complete a feasibility study, Tappahannock’s local Main Street organization will identify the highest and best use of the property, hoping to restore the currently hollow shell of steel and concrete and determine if the building could support a multi-use cultural and community center that hosts a variety of inclusive art-centered programs that attract residents and visitors alike, while also serving as an economic driver for the district as a whole.

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