Ashland’s New “Welcome Back for Our Comeback” Marketing Campaign Spotlights Resilient Entrepreneurs

Undoubtedly, the novel coronavirus pandemic has negatively affected many small businesses across the Commonwealth, and community leaders have been working tirelessly to help rebuild their local economy by mobilizing resources, solidifying partnerships and utilizing state and federal assistance. A prime example of such relief and recovery efforts would be Ashland’s unwavering desire to encourage customers to revisit Ashland and support local businesses, especially based on the locality’s new marketing campaign.

Apart from the Town of Ashland and Downtown Ashland Association, the locality’s Advancing Virginia Main Street (AVMS) program, administering technical assistance and numerous grant, loan and incentive programs, both entities have come together to create an effective marketing campaign, Welcome Back for Our Comeback, that invites customers back downtown and showcases new and existing merchants, particularly their unique offerings.

The new marketing campaign represents how Main Street organizations and communities are successfully humanizing marketing efforts. Featuring behind-the-scenes stories, customers will learn more about individual business owners and how they help shape the Town of Ashland. Apart from showcasing local businesses, the campaign introduces diverse, hardworking and local entrepreneurs that are pursuing their passions, and their commitment, even in the face of adversity, may inspire others to follow their entrepreneurial dreams!

Ashland is a special place! It’s a feeling you immediately understand when you visit and a value that residents cherish. Our local community is rallying to recover from a global pandemic, and everyone can be a part of our comeback story. Join us for a day, a week or a lifetime in Downtown Ashland!

– Maggie Longest, Executive Director, Downtown Ashland Association