Lynchburg Restoring Two-Way Traffic to Improve Downtown Environment

For the first time in three decades, two-way traffic will return to certain areas of Downtown Lynchburg! To develop a sustainable, prosperous and attractive community, city leaders recognize the need to abandon a traffic scenario that was instituted during a period when people did not spend time downtown. In accordance with the city’s 2040 Downtown Master Plan, the transition from the one-way streets to two-way streets will occur in three phases and mesh with the Main Street Renewal Project.

The purpose behind restoring two-way traffic is multifaceted, but the City of Lynchburg primarily seeks to ensure that the downtown environment remains comfortable for pedestrians because people are increasingly living, working, shopping, eating and relaxing in Downtown Lynchburg. The quick movement of vehicles through downtown will no longer be conducive to the type of environment city leaders wish to see established.

“People don’t want to get out of downtown, they want to be here. They want to enjoy the environment. They don’t want cars zooming by, they’d rather have a more comfortable, pleasant experience and of course we have to have traffic to get here.” – Jim Talian, Project Manager

Additional factors in the decision to restore two-way traffic include:

  • Increased business visibility due to drivers approaching from two different directions instead of one
  • More efficient vehicle circulation options, both for everyday activities and during special circumstances
  • Less confusing to visitors
  • Less turning movements required

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