Tobacco Commission Opens Southwest and Southern Virginia Funding Programs to Advance Economic Growth

The Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission (TRRC) is committed to developing a diverse economy in Southern and Southwest Virginia, offering several grant and/or loan programs to help achieve this goal and accomplish specific economic revitalization objectives. Learn more about two of these programs below:

The Southern and Southwest Virginia Programs seek to invest in projects promoting economic growth and development of the Southwest and Southern Virginia area of the Commonwealth’s Tobacco Region. In general, funding is made available to implement projects that advance the Commission’s priorities and measurably expand the local and regional economy. Applications submitted to either the Southern or Southwest Virginia programs should fall into one of the categories the Commission has focused upon as critical for the economic renewal of Southern and Southwest Virginia.

Investment categories and funding priorities include:

  • Agribusiness
  • Economic Development (Business Development, Industrial Sites and Infrastructure and Tourism)
  • Broadband

Southern Virginia Program | Deadline: March 2, 2022 | FY22 Southern Virginia Guidelines

Southwest Virginia Program | Deadline: March 15, 2022 | FY22 Southwest Virginia Guidelines (Round 2)

If your organization is interested in discussing a potential grant or loan application, please use the TRRC pre-application to describe your project and contact staff for feedback.

Click here to learn more about the Southern and Southwest Virginia Programs!

Photo Credit: Cardinal News