Start With the Essentials: VMS Launches Webinar Series Around the Four Points of the Main Street Approach

Creating a thriving downtown is no small task! It requires local leaders, business owners and community residents to come together to identify their assets, strategically situate themselves in their regional economy and develop a shared vision and identity. Communities make this vision a reality by creating quality public spaces, prioritizing local entrepreneurship and supporting downtown housing. To achieve this, community leaders need a strategic, results-driven approach.

A guiding framework for over 40 years, the Main Street Approach integrates work across four key areas: Organization, Economic Vitality, Design, and Promotion, known collectively as the Four Points. Virginia Main Street (VMS) has created a new webinar series as a resource to help you create and enhance a sustainable commercial district revitalization effort, with guidance for new and seasoned Main Street programs alike.

To explore how to utilize the Main Street Approach to create community impacts, start with the essentials:

Apart from here, you can find the webinar series under the Training Resources tab on the VMS blog!