Creating Upper Story Housing in Your Downtown

The quality and quantity of housing stock in communities has become an increasingly important focus, particularly in downtown districts. In order to create a dynamic downtown, having a diversity of housing stock is an essential component for attracting a broad cross section of residents. Those considering their upper story housing potential are likely asking themselves, where do we start? That’s why Virginia DHCD and Virginia Main Street (VMS) seeks to help communities unlock their downtown’s housing potential and equip them with the resources needed to be successful.

The latest episode of the Virginia DHCD Partners for Better Communities Podcast features Kathy Frazier, FAIA, of Staunton, Virginia’s Frazier Associates. In her conversation with Zachary Whitlow, VMS Program Administrator, Kathy discusses the nuts, bolts and benefits of upper story housing as part of a community’s revitalization strategy, as well as how she drew upon a career in preservation-based downtown revitalization to create the Upper Story Residential Tech Sheet, a resource-rich tool that outlines inherent parameters and possibilities to help communities identify potential upper story housing rehab projects and work with property owners and/or developers to successfully complete those projects.

Click here to listen to the podcast episode and learn more! And if you want to hear more from Kathy (and who doesn’t) register for the Virginia Governor’s Housing Conference where Frazier Associates will be facilitating just one of the sessions on this important topic.

Image Credit: Virginia Living