The end is near!!

Hiring will rebound sooner rather than later and now is a great time to start your own business.

At least that is what Daniel Gross of Slate and Newsweek says in his Moneybox column, “Coming Soon: Jobs!”

According to Gross, we should be seeing the end of the “Great Recession” in the near future.  “Before things get better, they have to get worse more slowly.  That’s already happening,” he says, referencing the diminished rates at which the U.S. is shedding  jobs.  He also references the unsustainable growth in productivity that should result in new hires as soon as next quarter.  Additionally, this article sums it up by saying, “”Real GDP growth should also be enough to recover losses from the recession and return output to an all-time high by the end of 2010.”

As this was being written, the November Jobs report that Gross mentions reported lower than expected job losses and an actual decline in the unemployment rate.

Most exciting for your downtown is his belief that future job growth won’t be coming from Fortune 500 companies, but from the entrepreneurs that are the heart of every great American economic expansion.  After all, almost every big company started small and usually with one or two earnest, hard workers with a good idea to which they were willing to stake their future fortunes.  Entrepreneur Magazine has an inspirational article on several entrepreneurs in the December issue.