Telling your revitalization story

As the television show’s narrator said, “There are eight million stories in The Naked City.” So your downtown district must be good for at least 50, right? 

Consider the history of your buildings, the successes of your emerging entrepreneurs, and the transitions you’ve seen firsthand in the last decade. You have stories that can inspire action and provoke thought. They can entertain a crowd or leave a hole in your heart the size of vacant downtown lot. 

Our most recent issue of the Virginia Main Street Monitor provides tips and strategies that you can put to work to harness the power of story. Stories can highlight the unique and saleable aspects of your district, connect residents and visitors to your downtown community, engage stakeholders in a unifying vision of the future, and demonstrate the impact of your organization’s work. The story is a powerful tool.

Getting your own copyof the Fall 2010 Monitor is easy. Click here for your free download of Telling your Revitalization Story, and don’t forget to share your revitalization stories with us.