Hopewell: Safer, Healthier, and More Sustainable

“Hopewell is one of those cities in which 10 years ago not many people had much hope for the future, but following Main Street and complete streets principles have changed the city in a way few people thought possible. Changing the highway feel of our main roads to a more walkable, bikeable space is making Hopewell into a model for other communities across the commonwealth looking for growth,” said Hopewell Downtown Parntership Executive Director Evan Kaufman.

Featured recently in Greater Greater Washington blog, Hopewell, a designated Virginia Main Street Community since 2011, is recognized for projects that emphasize recreation, mobility and active lifestyles by creating active connections between schools, the residential core and the commercial downtown.

Read the entire article at https://ggwash.org/view/74985/hopewell-virigina-flourishes-at-the-intersection-of-healthier-living-and-complete-streets.

Hopewell, Virginia’s famous H. Image
Photo courtesy of Greater Greater Washington author Wyatt Gordon