Virginia Tourism site can send visitors to your Main Street

Did you know that receives six million visitors a year?  The goal of Virginia Tourism Corporation is “more people,VA4LvR100x50[1] staying longer, spending more money,” and your community can be a part of this.

Check out the city, town and county link to see if yours is listed. No? Reach out to your local tourism center, chamber of commerce or convention and visitors bureau to get your area connected. If you do have listing, it’s a good idea to check this out once and a while. Select your town name. Does the link work or connect to the wrong site? Does your local area Web site have a link to your community’s Main Street site? More travelers are staying local, and your Main Street may be just the right place for those travelers to visit.

Make sure they can find you.  For more information on services of the Virginia Tourism Corporation, visit: