Guest Blogger: Warrenton’s Charla L. Malone on Main Street’s ambush-style makeover

Today, we are obsessed with makeovers.  On television, everything is given a chance for dramatic overhaul, from houses and children’s behavior to 18-wheelers and, of course, the face. Wouldn’t it be great to harness that interest and use it to motivate more people to walk your Main Street?

The Partnership for Old Town Warrenton did just that by having Salon Emage Day Spa do an Ambush Style Makeover at their June 1st Fr!day event.

The concept is simple: interested persons pick-up a “Make Me Over” sticker at designated places. The makeover team scopes out everyone wearing stickers and picks someone; then, the makeover begins!

“Around 6:30 that evening the Salon Emage Style Team picked Sarah Smarelli from the crowd to have her hair cut and makeup done. The entire makeover took place on Main Street… Sarah had grown her hair out but was ready for it to be shorter. 

Sarah loved her new looked, especially the false eyelashes! Hair for the Ambush Style Makeover was by Salon Emage Style Team hair stylist, Jody Coppock… Makeup was done by Salon Emage Style Team makeup artist, Charla Malone… ”  (from the Partnership’s June Newsletter)

Sarah Smarelli's 1st Fr!day transformation. Click the picture for more images.

Due to the threat of severe thunder storms that evening, only 20 stickers had been given out when the model was picked. However, the makeover was well received and it created a great buzz for Salon Emage Day Spa, so they are committed to doing one for each 1st Fr!day. This event kept people milling around on Main Street to see the big reveal, which is also good for other merchants.

How’d they do it?

1. The Partnership sent e-mail blasts to the community.

2. Event Chair, Women of Wonder Fauquier, sent e-mails and posted information on their Web site. At the event, their booth gave out the “Make Me Over” stickers.

3. Salon Emage Day Spa provided makeover materials and personnel. They made the “Make Me Over” stickers and promoted the event.

Some things to consider:

Name:  “Ambush Makeover” is The Today Show’s, so change it up a bit.

Location:  You’ll need electricity, high pedestrian traffic, and good light.

Stickers:  Make ’em neon and big!

Sticker Distribution:  Allow a period of time for sticker distribution and specify a “model picking” time, so that interested persons will be on Main Street. Get many merchants involved in handing out stickers to get people in their doors!