Celebrate Small Business Week: May 5 – 11, 2019

National Small Business Week is a week-long spring celebration to honor the thousands of small and locally owned businesses that make up the country’s local economies (May 5 – 11, 2019). Celebrations span the local, state and federal levels, as consumers, elected officials, Main Street, and small businesses come together to recognize the important impact that small businesses have on their communities. How will your community celebrate?

Wiffle Pop, Wytheville VA

The U.S. Small Business Administration invites states and local governments to issue a proclamation declaring Small Business Week in your community. But don’t stop there…

Here are five ways to make National Small Business Week count, according to @IndWeStand:

  • Learn something new: learn a new tip or trick to incorporate into your business
  • Join a local event: connect local businesses with resources and customers
  • Give back: pay it forward by giving back to your community or customers
  • Talk to public officials: tell them how you are navigating the small business experience and how they can help
  • Buy local: keep your money where your heart is, your community
  • Education: use resources like IndependentWeStand.org to calculate the economic impact of every family in your locality shifting $10 per month to local stores versus chain stores – then spread the word!

Right here in Virginia, check out what the Town of Strasburg and their partners, the Shenandoah County Chamber of Commerce for their week-long celebration of their local small businesses >>

What can you do to help local small businesses thrive?